If you have been to an online casino, you perhaps have met some glaring adverts about online casinos offering free games. This article seeks to demystify the myth about free spins and explain them to you in detail. Read more about free casino games at http://www.nz-online-casino.com.

What Are Free Casino Games?

Every time you are looking to play some games at a casino, you usually have to deposit some funds inside there in order to get a chance to spin reels. Sometimes, a casino will allow you to play the games for free in a number of bonus packages.

  • Welcome bonus package
  • Weekend Bonanzas

If the casino allows you to play games at their entity for free without charging you a dime, this is called free spins or free games. It's important to note that with free games, you can also make some cash if lady luck falls on your side.

How to Get Free Spins

Most casinos will award free spins as part of the numerous packages they offer to players. For instance, new players coming on board at the casino could be awarded a welcome offer package that comes with free spins or a free matching cash deposit.

Casinos are always dishing out promotions to players from time to time. For instance, they could recognize it's your birthday eve and award you a bunch of free spins as well. Casinos also offer some free games on weekends or even at the end of the week too.

Free Cash Deposits

Notably, not every player at a casino is a lover of slots. Some are into live casino games while others are interested in Bingo. For this reason, free spins wouldn't work for them either. In this regard, a casino will offer a free deposit for games such as

  • Bingo
  • Keno
  • Baccarat

The free deposit could be awarded as a matching cash deposit. For instance, if you deposit $100, the casino could offer a 50% matching cash deposit. This means that you will have $150 to wager on. This is absolutely rewarding as you could easily land a jackpot too.

Wagering Requirements for Free Games

Gifts are meant to come without any conditions whatsoever. Unfortunately, casino gifts ( free games) come with some restrictions inform of wagering requirements. This means that if you get awarded some free spins, you might need to fulfil some requirements before you can withdraw your winnings.

These requirements are known as wagering requirements. Indeed, both free spins and free cash deposits come with wagering requirements. The best free spins or free games are those that come with the least wagering requirements. Below are some examples of wagering requirements you could have encountered.

  • 30x wagering requirement
  • 40 x wagering requirement

Wrapping it Up

Bonuses and promotions form lifelines of most casinos presently. For this reason, almost every casino on the internet presently offers some form of free games. Whether in the form of free spins or even matching cash deposits, be sure to use these bonus games wisely.

You could use the free games to make some real cash or even hit the ultimate jackpot as well. Additionally, you can use free spins to try out new games at your casino. You can also try using the free spins to try out new tricks!