Casinos like offer online blackjack games that are so much fun and exciting to play. Before you start playing online blackjack, here are a few basic rules and tricks you should know about. These will help improve your odds of winning these games.

Check out the casino rules

Just like how brick and mortar casinos have rules for their games, online casinos also have their own terms. It is very important that you read these terms before you start playing. The terms will tell you how flexible the casino is and your winning chances.

Good casinos give you fair terms to play. You can follow these rules easily and still have a good chance of winning. Some casinos, however, have such crummy rules that it will be impossible to win. Check out for these rules and stay away from casinos imposing them.

  • Timer forces you to make your decisions very fast.
  • Dealers use continuous shuffling to prevent conventional logic from working.
  • House draws its cards after the player does.
  • Blackjack pays 6:5

Table limits of blackjack

You should check out the table limits first before you start playing online blackjack. Just like how brick and mortar casinos have high and low table limits for the players, online sites do too. Look for the maximum and minimum betting amounts you can place.

Some tables have low limits and allow players to bet the bare minimum. Few other tables will allow only high-rollers to participate. Getting into a game with high limits when you cannot afford it can be disastrous. Choose tables where a few games of losses won't bankrupt you.

Can you count cards in online blackjack?

Counting cards is not illegal but is not allowed in many physical casinos. With online casinos, however, there is no one to stop you from counting cards. There are a few tricks you have to follow to successfully count cards and improve your winning odds.

If a machine is shuffling cards after every round, there is no use counting cards. You will not be able to successfully count with continuous shuffling. If a dealer is dealing the cards virtually and you are playing a live game, you can definitely try counting cards.

  • Count cards mentally or using a paper and pen.
  • Count cards only when rules of the game are fair.
  • Be ready to play multiple rounds for card counting to work.

Use the oscar system to win

If you are not comfortable with card counting or are not good at it, another easy strategy to win online blackjack games is to use the oscar system. This is an easy method to reduce your chances of losing big and to have a clear head while playing.

In the oscar system, all you have to do is keep adjusting your betting amount in small numbers depending on whether you win or lose every game. These three simple steps comprise this amazing winning strategy of the oscar system that you can try out.

  • Add a chip to the table if you win
  • Bet the same amount if you lose
  • Do not increase your betting amount by more than a chip

Use a strategy chart

Apart from the strategies of counting cards and using the oscar system, another winning tip from online blackjack experts is to use the blackjack strategy chart. This is also called the cheat sheet. This tells you what to do in different situations you face during the game.

Cheat sheets are not allowed in actual games. Online games are, however, flexible and you can use these sheets initially to learn the tricks of the game and to try out other strategies that you have. Start betting small and increase your bets as you grow confident.